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Definitions tagged with air plane. People who crowd the boarding area at the airport who have no business being at the front of the line. 18.12.2014 · ネイティブが指でクイクイするやつって一体なに?! // Air quotes!〔424〕 - Duration: 5:16. バイリンガール英会話 Bilingirl Chika Recommended for you. Urban Air Pollution synonyms, Urban Air Pollution pronunciation, Urban Air Pollution translation, English dictionary definition of Urban Air Pollution. Contamination of the air, especially by smoke or gases from vehicles, factories, and power stations. It can cause disease, kill plants, and damage.

What does Put on airs mean in Urban Dictionary?: wearing Air Jordan Shoes so that they can become cool. Urban air pollution claims more than 800,000 lives worldwide every year, half of which occur in China, which is the world's biggest polluter after the USA. This was set off by a clash of cold air from the north hitting warm air to the south. Times, Sunday Times 2011 The idea is to find pockets of warm air which act like.

1. Elements & Compounds the mixture of gases that forms the earth's atmosphere. At sea level dry air has a density of 1.226 kilograms per cubic metre and consists of 78.08 per cent nitrogen, 20.95 per cent oxygen, 0.93 per cent argon, 0.03 per cent carbon dioxide, with smaller quantities of ozone and inert gases; water vapour varies between 0 and 4 per cent and in industrial areas sulphur.
Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020 Examples from the Web for urban In the wee hours of Christmas morning, a flight deal was.

© Urban Dictionary. All rights reserved. air pollution: The condition in which air is contaminated by foreign substances, or the substances themselves. Air pollution consists of gaseous, liquid, or solid substances that, when present in sufficient concentration, for a sufficient time, and under certain conditions, tend to interfere with human comfort, health or welfare, and cause. Air definition is - the mixture of invisible odorless tasteless gases such as nitrogen and oxygen that surrounds the earth; also: the equivalent mix of gases on another planet. How to use air in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of air.

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